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[[ BGA ]] - Wasabi Ruta by Forkilicious [[ BGA ]] - Wasabi Ruta by Forkilicious

"Never regret anything, because at one point in your life... It was exactly what you wanted."

Wasabi Ruta - Prefers that students address him by his last name yo

:bulletblue:••¶Creature Clase••
==> A Mizuchi
    ∆∆ A japanese water serpent/dragon that was once believed to be a water deity

"My ass I would tell you something like that."
    ∆∆ He looks 24, but will only tell you his real age if he trusts you enough

Stands at 6'5" Feet tall


:bulletblue:••¶Member Type••
    ∆∆ Teaches the Mystic Control classes

Nonchalant | Quiet/Distant | Stubborn | Polite | Blunt

    ∆∆ For starters, Wasabi is a very nonchalant and expressionless individual. He next to never shows anyone any type of emotion and usually keeps those all hidden behind a mental wall that he's set up for himself. He can come off as very uncaring towards others which might lead to people finding him to be a cold/heartless guy. This also ties into his quiet and distant self. He's not one to approach others so if a conversation is what you're wanting than you're going to need to approach him first. He doesn't like being around people, which is a cause of growing up alone. He gets slightly freaked when in a group of people that's bigger than 3, of course he won't show it physically, it's how he'll be feeling mentally. Next, he's generally a stubborn person which can lead him to be slightly on the quarrelsome side. He holds his opinion high and feels that others should do the same. He's not one to submit to others demands and won't easily go along with a decision made that could be affecting him. Wasabi is also a very polite individual, most of the time anyways. He'll show respect towards other, younger, older, same age. New or old even, though what he won't stand for is being polite to someone else when all they do is piss him off. Lastly, he has a slight blunt nature. He will always speak his mind with no regards as to how it might make others feel. Yes he's polite but also feels that if someone is doing something wrong, they must be told.


+ Swimming
+ Fish
+ Mermaids - He's always found them fascinating 
+ Aquariums 

- Being in crowds of people larger than groups of 3
- Fisherman - They caused him some issues growing up
- Heat - He grew up in the chilly waters of the ocean blue
- Pain - He hates pain both emotionally and physically; doesn't like having harm come to him


    ∆∆ Wasabi grew up on his own in the big blue sea, just off the cost of asia. His sole friends were the very fish that would swim by his under the rocking ocean waves. Growing up the boy was completely isolated from any sort of contact with other beings; Creatures and humans. He grew up with the sole attention of the giant fish in the sea. As he grew, Wasabi would constantly visit the shores, or atleast come as close as he was willing to as a young child. He'd spot signs, people, animals. All sorts of peculiar looking things. Many which he could not name himself. It was while he was visiting the shores that he gave himself the name 'Wasabi' after seeing a giant sign featuring the product.

    He would continue living on his own for nearly the rest of his life by this point. This life style came to an end when local fishermen started to bring their boats into his home terrain. They would drop their anchors and steal away all his fishy friends in their gigantic nets. He did all he could to save him, but alas he didn't have the strength. He was quite sickly you see, and so he couldn't put up much of a fight for his friends. This process went on for a while until finally HE was scooped up by the nets. The first thing that fishermen did when they saw him was hit him with one of their shovels, knocking the poor boy out. From there he'd have awakened in a coral reef. The fishermen, terrified by his presence had gone about dumping him back into the ocean, leaving him to die really. By then, all his friends had been taken and the fishermen had pulled up their anchors and left his terrain. He was alone like he'd been at the start. 

    This lead him to making friends with the inanimate objects such as the coral and seaweed of the ocean. This just went to show how truly lonely he was. After a while, Wasabi got bored. There was nothing left for him in this big blue sea. Nothing new to see, he'd seen it all. He wanted to venture. In order to do this though, he realized he'd need to blend in with the land walkers. Realizing this, he began to practice at the bottom of the sea. He'd practice honing his magical abilities. Completely self training himself since there was no one else there to really help him. This went on for maybe a few more years before he finally surfaced. He'd made himself a human form and was now ready to venture around the globe. 

    In his journeys he found himself wandering upon the beautiful academy of BlackGale. Interest shone in his eyes as he decided to look into this glorious school, consisting of others like him. After putting his fair amount of research into the school, he went ahead and applied for a teacher position, seeing as he was to old to be a student at the current moment, or atleast in his opinion he was. He decided to take up the job of a Mystic Control teacher. He'd taught himself to control his abilities, and thought it would be interesting to teach others as well.

:bulletblue:••¶Health Information••

    ∆∆ When in heat over 15 degrees, Wasabi can easily be knocked out(faint) by the heat since his body is not used to it, and at the moment, never will be.

    ∆∆ Wasabi suffers from a very weak immune system, which causes him to have frequent asthma attacks; he has ongoing inflammation in his airways. Because of this, he carries around a puffer with him.

    ∆∆ Also due to his weak immune system Wasabi happens to be allergic of nuts, which will cause him nausea and breathing problems say he come in contact with any, as well as easily prone to sickness/diseases and infections. 

    ∆∆ His body doesn't have the same fighting power as some one with a strong immune system, therefor when he gets sick it usually stays for a while and causes him lots of stress and pain on his body. 

    ∆∆ Due to him not showing any expression, you wouldn't truly notice but lots of the time he can be very fatigued, tired, run down. He can get very tired from simply walking. This is all due to his lovely weak immune system.


=> Many times, he will be found carrying around a bottle of water - Being a sea creature he needs plenty hydration if out of water

=> He posses a nice set of gills on his neck but they are usually hidden by the clothing he tends to wear

=> He posses the ability to breath under water in both his human and serpent form

=> The time when he is sick the most happens to be in the summer when the temperatures can really raise. The heat along side his weak immune system lead to him spending most off his days in the summer, in complete sickness

=> He posses both a sea serpent form and his human form. He only truly takes on his serpent form when he's planning to swim in big bodies of water such as the ocean and nice sized lakes

=> If you ever need to ask him a question, he can easily be found down at the lovely lake, courtesy of this school

RP Methods: Skype, Chatroom, Notes
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